From Anime to Manga: How Reading Changed My Perspective

Undoubtedly, reading can have a powerful impact on one’s life. Growing up, I watched anime and read manga, and it changed my perspective – from being an introverted child to someone who loves reading. Reading these stories gave me a better understanding of the world, allowing me to see things from different perspectives. In this post, I will discuss how manga and anime have influenced my life and how they have shaped my worldview.

Pros and Cons of Reading Anime and Manga

Reading anime and manga has changed my perspective in several ways. For example, I thought all Japanese people were respectful and well-mannered. However, after reading manga like Death Note, I realized that there are plenty of criminals and social outcasts in Japan, just like anywhere else. I also used to believe that everyone in Japan was rich and lived in huge houses, but reading stories set in poverty-ridden neighborhoods has shown me that this is not the case.

On the other hand, there are some My Reading Manga  definite benefits to reading anime and manga. One is that it gives me a better understanding of Japanese culture and history. For instance, I’ve learned much about traditional clothing, food, and customs through reading manga set in different periods. I’ve also become familiar with popular Japanese slang and dialects after reading shounen (boy’s) manga.

What are the Best Anime and Manga to Read?

Anime and manga are great for people who want to get into reading. They offer various stories and genres, so there is something for everyone. Some of the best anime and manga to read include Attack on Titan, Death Note, Naruto, and One Piece. These stories are all incredibly well-written and will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Try out Ouran High School Host Club or Fruits Basket if you want something a little lighter. Both of these series are full of humor and heartwarming moments.

How Reading Anime and Manga Changed My Perspective

I was only interested in anime and manga popular in the west when I was younger. I would read the odd manga occasionally, but it wasn’t until I started reading more that my perspective on things changed.

I began to see how different cultures approach stories and storytelling and how they view their history and mythology. It was fascinating to me, and it broadened my horizons. Not only that, but I also began to appreciate the artistry that goes into creating anime and manga.

The level of detail and care in each frame is incredible, and the stories are often complex and nuanced. It’s something I hadn’t appreciated before, but it’s something I now cherish.

Reading anime and manga has changed my perspective in many ways, but perhaps the most important way is that it has opened my eyes to new possibilities in storytelling. It’s something that I’m incredibly grateful for, and I hope to continue exploring it for many years to come.

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